Beaver Builder: The SEO Friendly Page Builder for WordPress that You Must Try

Why is Beaver Builder considered the SEO friendly page builder for WordPress?

It is a question we are often asked here so we want to give some important insight. Search Engine Optimization is crucial and important to every website, whether it is your own or your client’s site.

Of course, we always recommend using the SEO friendly page builder for WordPress as a main development tool because it saves a lot of time and helps you develop the website fast. But is Beaver Builder SEO friendly?

Basic page elements for solid SEO

For solid SEO you need to understand some of the basic elements of the page for good search engine optimization.

You Need:

Page Title – This is the title that will show in the reader’s search results.
Meta Data – These are the Meta description of the page.
Content – H1, H2… headlines and image alt text.

Beaver Builder -The SEO Friendly Page Builder for WordPress Provided..

In essence, Beaver Builder is SEO friendly and it is a modern generation page builder plugin. It is very well coded so it takes the search engine bots less time to crawl, which means Beaver Builder is certainly SEO friendly providing you also have the other elements that create for an SEO friendly website.
Here are the most important elements you need for SEO functionality:

A Great WordPress Theme

The best in our opinion of course is the Beaver Builder Theme, but others will do just as well. A few of the good ones are The Genesis Framework, GeneratePress, WPBF Theme and Astra theme.
Add a Good SEO Plugin to Your Beaver Builder Custom Site
Using an SEO plugin is crucial as it handles things for you automatically. Things like meta title, description, open graph data, no-index, sitemaps and more. Personally, we like the Yoast Plugin best for this type of work.

Use Beaver Builder Correctly

The most common SEO mistakes in Beaver Builder is using the headers incorrectly. Messing up the H1, H2, and H3 headlines can cause problems. Make sure you only use one H1 tag followed by multiple H2, and H2 tags. Remember to use relevant alt text with your images as well.
When using Beaver Builder you should also try to avoid using too much nesting of columns within columns if possible. Beaver Builder can be a very good SEO tool providing you use the abovementioned elements.

Another Better SEO Option for Beaver Builder

Now David Waumsley also informs us of a free SEO plugin made especially for Beaver Builder. Here let’s take a look at how we can change the SEO setting from the front end.

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