The #1 Best WordPress Page Builder: Beaver Builder

I have been asked many times to declare the best wordpress page builder, and while I cannot in all certainty say that it is the number one best WordPress page builder out there for everyone, I can say that Beaver Builder gives me all the functionality I need.


Why Use a WordPress Page Builder at All?

Just about every web developer out there is fed up with the limitations of the WordPress Content Creator (the one that comes with the standard themes when you edit a post or page).

So Most of Us are Using Something with More Fuctionality

This comes in the form of the drag and drop page builders that let you modify your posts and pages. Yes, there are many WordPress page builders out there, but I find that I just like Beaver Builder. It is functional, fast and easy to use.


Beaver Builder is full of featured drag and drop content building modules, and that makes building up the content in WordPress less of a hassle.

This means you can:


  • Build beautiful pages and posts by just dragging and dropping the modules onto an empty page.
  • you don’t need to know how to code in any language. You don’t need to know CSS or any other coding language.
  • Beaver Builder works with any WordPress theme (although there is a framework theme included in the package to make your work even easier)
  • Best of all, Beaver Builder supports front-end editing and gives you instant results without your having to switch back and fort between the back and front end.
  • Beaver Builder is ideal for most users whether advanced coders or just novice website builders. It makes working with website content faster and more efficient.
  • Beaver Builder is friendly towards people with no experience and especially those who want to make great content.


I can say that Beaver Builder has two essential parts, the content builder plugin and the theme. This allows you to arrange your content on your pages with easy drag-and-drop functionality. There’s no need for any coding or HTML and CSS knowledge.

  • Easily edit your pages and posts from the front end.
  • Build layouts that are spectacular.
  • Come look at our ready made Beaver Builder templates for landing pages, and business websites .
  • Beaver Builder offers a variety of styles to use when building your website from scratch.
  • The best part of this page builder is that there is front-end editing which means you can see what your changes will look like as you are doing them.
  • Beaver Builder works with any WordPress theme.
  • All content you produce with Beaver Builder is optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Whatever you build with Beaver Builder will stay looking great even if you deactivate the plugin at some point.
  • Beaver Builder content is ready for SEO
  • There’s WooCommerce compatibility.
  • There are import/export features.

Before you go and buy a page builder come look at the best, #1 WordPress page builder out there. There really is a lot to consider here, but best of all there is no long learning curve to go through.  


Here take a look at this Beaver Builder tutorial to see why I call Beaver Builder the #1 Best WordPress Page Builder out there.

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