Inserting Google Analytics on Beaverbuilder: Doing A/B Testing

Inserting Google Analytics on Beaverbuilder and Doing A/B Testing has never been easier

Beaver Builder gives you tons of layout and design options but did you know that the theme also works well with SEO tasks. Installing Google Analytics and doing A/B testing is so much easier because you don’t need to switch in and out of different screens.

Your first step is to get Google Analytics working with your Beaver Builder. All you need to do is to add the Google Analytics code to Beaver Builder is go to “Customize” then select “Code” and “Head”. Paste the code and click Save and Publish.

Once your code has been activated, you can easily do A/B testing using the Google Analytics Content Experiments.

Let’s follow along in this Beaver Builder video tutorial with Seed Prod as he shows us how this works.

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