Events Calendar Plugin for Beaver Builder

Events Calendar Plugin for Beaver Builder can Really Make your Educational Website Standout

One of the problems niche businesses have in setting up their websites is learning to do the extras. For instance, coaches, training companies, or travel businesses may have special events that come up for their clients. They need an attractive way to set up their events calendars. But it is not just the setting-up that is the problem, these calendars need to be flexible, easy to read and simple to change.

Luckily, David Waumsley shows us an Events Calendar plugin that works with Beaver Builder. This plugin makes it all attractive, gives readers information about the event and sets it so that the event date is easily remembered. Come see how he does it. This is the perfect solution for educational businesses, associations and anyone who needs to set events. Yes. This is a paid plugin but there is also a free version that can work for you.

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