Creating a Website Layout with A Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Still thinking about buying Beaver Builder? But you just aren’t sure if you will get enough value when creating a website layout with the Beaver Builder Plugin. Well, we are here to clear up some of these doubts and get you on the road to building amazing website layouts with Beaver Builder?

So Is creating a website layout with a page builder, namely Beaver Builder worth it? That’s what we will answer here.

Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, we certainly believe so. Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder plugin which you can use to build amazing websites, landing pages, testimonial pages, events and more. It has just the right features and does not overpower your site with code. Here are a few of the best features of using Beaver Builder to create your website layout.

Will the Beaver Builder plugin work with another theme to help me create an amazing website layout?

The answer is a resounding YES. Beaver Builder works with its own theme or any otehr theme. You can use it with Genesis, GeneratePress, Headway, the default themes of WordPress or any other website layout them (providing it is WordPress).

In some cases, you may need to make some adjustments to bet the full-width display Beaver Builder is known for. Genesis users can use a plugin called free Dambuster. Others may have to add CSS to their theme options.

Is There a Trial Version?

Yep! Just install the Beaver Builder Lite version. You can find it under the WordPress Plugins and test the functionality to see how amazing and fast creating a WordPress website layout really is. You won’t have access to the modules that can make your website really Pop. But the modern template designs, front end page building feature, shortcode support and import/export of templates is available. The Lite version is just so you can see how Beaver Builder can work to make your template designs.

Premium version of the plugin contains advanced modules and more features like modern template designs, shortcode support, quick template import/export and more.

Can I Use Beaver Builder Website Layout on Posts?

Of Course. You can use it on any layout even for Custom Posts. Just adjust the settings by going to Settings, Page Builder option and then pick Post Types and enable Posts option.

Is Beaver Builder Good for Building Landing Pages (one page)?

A lot of developers use Beaver Builder to make websites  and others use it for Sales landing pages. Beaver Builder can work with any WordPress theme and layouts. So yes it can work with themes that you use for landing pages.

Can I Migrate Beaver Builder Website Layouts to Other Websites?

Of Course! You can transfer as many layouts as you want using Beaver Builder. Just save the page you are working on as a template. Then use default WordPress import / export features to migrate templates as we have explained here.

Will My Content Disappear When I Remove the Beaver Builder Plugin?

Beaver Builder will not do anything to your content. When you deactivate it, your text will go back into the post editor immediately. You will not have the WordPress layout formatting, which is what Beaver Builder really does.

Does Beaver Builder Interfere with My Other Plugins?

Beaver Builder is compatible with almost all plugins.


Is Beaver Builder Better than Other Page Builders?

The term WordPress page builder is quite ample, so there are a lot of apps out there that say they are wordpress website layout builders but they can be a bit buggy. Try Beaver Builder and see if it works.

Here is another WordPress Beaver Builder Instructional tutorial that explains it all:


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