How to Create a Video Background in Beaver Builder?

Using Beaver builder to create website landing page designs is very popular among web developers and designers. However, Did you know that creating a video background on your landing page or Website design does not have to be difficult? No creating a nice video background is easy when you use Beaver Builder.

Readers ask: How to Create a Video Background in Beaver Builder?

The other day we received an email question; “How do I create a video background hero shot on the homepage?” So we thought we would show you how to do it using Beaver Builder – an incredible WordPress page builder solution for creating drag & drop web page templates and designs.

Why Use a Video Background Website?

But first, let’s discuss why using video as a background is on the rise. This can help you determine whether a video background is a right option or not. Here are a few reasons why video is a star when it comes to marketing and should probably be integrated into your website.

  1. WordPress Video Backgrounds improve SEO

    According to Comscore adding a video to your website can increase the chances of a front-page Google results by 53 times. But you have to do it right. This means you need to add schema markup for the video, and you can do that using the Beaver Builder CSS functionality in your template.

  2. Better Consumer Attention

    Website background or marketing videos get the attention of your consumers, more than any other online marketing medium. This is a key factor in everything you or your website customer does.

  3. Better Engagement

    Beaver builder website landing page design tends to do better at engaging people. Audiences are 10 times more likely to engage and share websites with video content.

  4. Content Re-visited

    Think about the amount of content your readers consumed on your last blog post. Did they re-read and come back to it. Chances are that Probably not. But video is shared and referred back to, it has a better click-through rate which is why we have so many instructional videos here on Beaver Builder Videos.

  5. Higher Retention Rate

    We suffer from a society with low attention spans. Using video backgrounds in your website landing page design helps people remain on your site. Statistics show that 65% of viewers watch at least ¾ of a video. So a video background made with Beaver builder WordPress page builder can help you get your message across faster.

Ok so now that you know why a video background for your website can be a benefit. Let’s answer your question:

“How to Create a Video Background using Beaver Builder?”

This is actually an easy process that you can complete in as little as 10 minutes.

Get the Paid Version of Beaver Builder

You first need to get one of the paid versions of Beaver Builder. Install it just as you would any other plugin. Once the Beaver Builder page builder is installed just choose “Create a Page” and you will immediately be taken to the front end of the website. Choose the Blank Template and add a single column or row. Give the row full width and select Add a background video for the row. If you want you can add an opacity layer (this allows you to place an easily readable title over the video background). Place some text in the column and add a margin to make the hero shot a bit taller. Add a menu to the site where you want it. Then just click publish.

  • Create a page with the Beaver Builder WordPress page builder
  • Choose a blank template
  • Add a single row
  • Give it full width
  • Click “Add a background video”
  • Use the opacity layer to make the video slightly darker
  • Add your title
  • Click Publish

Here is a great WordPress Instructional Video that can better show you how the process is done.

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