Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer

Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer: What You Can Expect

Drag and drop page builders are now becoming more popular with both the experienced and inexperienced webpage builder. This is not surprising, seeing as how easy they are to use. Page builders like Beaver Builder le anyone build stylish professional looking websites, and if you are not up to building it yourself, then having the Beaver Builder theme gives the web developer you choose the ability to design your site faster, which ends up saving you a lot of money.

Beaver Builder is one of the best WordPress page builders on the market today because it uses an easy drag and drop method of adding the website layout. Like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder works with any WordPress theme.

Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer: What Is The Difference?

The first WordPress page builder I ever say was Visual Composer, and even today it is popular, but the market is more competitive now and a major contender is now the Beaver Builder WordPress page builder.

So what is the difference between the two. Let’s take a look at them separately and go over both the advantages and the disadvantages.


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder and the new version comes with more than 30 different page templates. This helps you create full websites, landing pages or just WordPress blog designs. It is compatible with WooCommerce and has an interesting feature that is not available with other WordPress page builders, which is the ability to transfer layouts to other websites.


Beaver Builder is a WordPress Theme and a WordPress page builder combined into one package. The Builder option offers 20 different content modules which you can upgrade with the Beaver Builder Add-Ons plugin for an additional cost. This allows you to insert and move content around any way you want.

Beaver Builder also offers many complimentary tutorials, but probably the best thing about this page builder is that developers have created a ton of video tutorials that are easy to follow along on and which only take a few minutes to view.


  • Front-end editing
  • Support for CSS, shortcodes and widgets
  • Support for pages, posts and custom designs
  • Editor allows you to see all possibilities easily
  • Responsive design
  • Support for WooCommerse
  • Multi website support
  • Built in Template Builder options
  • Import and Export Processing


Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer: The Best Features

Ok so getting a list of features doesn’t really tell you much. So maybe my personal view will help you see how powerful Beaver Builder can really be. As a full time web developer I can say that I really prefer this WordPress page builder over Visual Composer and there are three basic reasons for this; the front-end editing, the template builder and the import and export functionality. So let’s go over these features a little more in depth.


Beaver Builder Front End Editing

When we compare the two page builder applications, Visual Composer doesn’t even come close to he benefits of this feature. The front end editing capability of Beaver Builder is truly amazing, and the biggest benefit here is that it saves you so much time. Personally, this saves me as much as 50% of my build time, which means I can build a landing page in as little as 30 minutes.


The Template Builder

Another Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer benefit where the latter company just can’t compete. Sometimes it can take you a couple of hours to design a page or adjust an existing template to where you like it. When you use Beaver Builder, you can save that page design as a template to use on other pages or websites.


The Import Export Functionality

This is a feature I love and this is why. Beaver Builder has more than 30 templates you can use for websites or landing pages. You just download and import them into your website. And if you have saved a customized template onto another website , all you have to do to use it again is export it and import again into your new website design.

Pros to Beaver Builder Vs. Visual Composer

  • The interface loads super fast and it is very easy to use
  • Supports front end editing
  • Template builder
  • Nice Variety of predesigned templates
  • Support for Widget areas


What are the Cons?

Ok, so it is not all pretty when it comes to using Beaver Builder. On first impressions, you might think the following

  • Content modules seem plain (you probably need the Beaver Builder Add-Ons Plugin)
  • No Undo Button like Visual Composer. You do have to revert back to the last saved layout but that is fairly easy.
  • Higher priced than Visual Composer but well worth it.



Visual Composer Vs. Beaver Builder

Okay. So let’s look at the other side of the coin now. Visual Composer is probably the more popular WordPress page builders, but I think that is only because more people are familiar with it.  Visual composer has more than 40 content modules but many of these are superfluous and unnecessary. They just slow down your website. VC is also not as intuitive as Beaver Builder and you need to look through the video tutorials to understand how it works.



  • Backend and front end editor (front end has some glitches)
  • Lots of content modules
  • Responsive Design
  • Support for pages and posts
  • Support for other plugins
  • Shortcode integration



  • Features a backend and frontend editor
  • Boasts a huge amount of options, features, content modules, and premade layouts
  • Support for over 150 unique Visual Composer add-ons greatly expands functionality


  • Frontend editor doesn’t work very well.
  • There are too many features which makes it feel bloated.
  • No native import and export functionality


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