Beaver Builder Modal Pop Ups are Cool

Beaver Builder modal pop ups offer design and functionality to websites. 

Adam from WP Crafter really loves Ultimate Add-Ons by Beaver Builder. Here he shows us a really cool feature with is the Modal Popup.  This is a cool feature you can use for lead generation, videos, audio. What it does is place a Pop-Up button so when readers click on it, the new information pops up.

When Is This Pop Up Feature Appropriate?

Well, it may be ideal if you are creating websites and want to show off your portfolio, or when you want to show off artwork.  There are also different Pop-Up effects which run from simple content on a colored background to interesting designs, pictures or videos.

You can set the Pop Up to go off on a timer, or when the reader clicks a button. You can also set it to appear only for a certain time. For instance, you can set it so that the pop up does not appear for a few days after the visitor has come to the site. This prevents the readers from getting annoyed from seeing these pop-ups.


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