How Does Beaver Builder Landing Page Builder Stack Up?

Beaver Builder Landing Page builder: does it work for quick landing page creation?

Well, let me answer your question by starting at the very beginning. WordPress is an incredibly powerful content management system and when you combine it with Beaver Builder landing page  builder, and especially the beaver Builder landing page templates you can make some beautiful landing pages very quickly. These are ideal options for your Google PPC and Facebook ads.

When you create a beaver Builder landing page that is just one page, and the purpose of this page used to offer landing spot for an advertisement that you run on Facebook or on Google.

Let me show you how it works.

An Introduction to Beaver Builder Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are super important when you decide to advertise on Google or on Facebook. And you can use Beaver Builder to build these landing pages very fast. The best part of all of this, is that it’s all done on WordPress which means you don’t need to know how to code.

Here you’ll learn how to Leverage some of our Beaver Builder landing page templates to get better results in your pay per click marketing efforts.

The Pros in Making Your Landing Pages with Beaver Builder

I personally like WordPress for everything because I can’t code and WordPress helps me with many other factors like SEO and content. it also Integrates well with my email list building techniques.

What’s more, I like to build beaver Builder landing pages because I can track all my traffic through Google Analytics.

Creating those Beaver Builder Landing Pages

So I would have to answer a question with a resounding yes.Beaver Builder is a great landing page builder because you don’t need to know how to code. This means you don’t have to go back and forth between the back end of the website and the front, which can save you 50% or more of your time, meaning you can use the beaver Builder landing page maker for many different types of web pages.

What if I don’t feel confident enough to build my own Beaver Builder landing pages?

Don’t worry. You can use the beaver building landing page templates that we have available and just upload them to your WordPress website. It is really as simple as that.
And if you don’t like any of the templates that come with the beaver Builder theme, you can contact us and we can build a very professional landing page for you.  These are the types of pages we create with Beaver Builder.

Step 1: Use the beaver Builder landing page templates

There is a variety of beaver Builder landing page templates which you can use to design any type of landing page you want. All you need to do is drop in the content you need for your landing page.
The Beaver Builder theme has over 30 templates to choose from. just pick the one that you think works with your business promotion, install it and change out the content for your own.

How to See The Full Beaver Builder Landing Page Template

To get a good look at the full Beaver Builder landing page option you’re interested in all you have to do is click the live preview option. when you’re ready to buy all you have to do is Click the “Add to Basket” Option next to the landing page you like. once your payment is complete you’ll see a download button where you can download the beaver Builder landing page.Then all you have to do is save it to location on your computer where you’ll remember to go look for it. Remember, this will be a. Zip file and once you extract the file you’ll see the landing page.

Step 2: Import a Beaver Builder Page Builder Landing Page

To import a beaver Builder page builder landing page, you almost the same thing as you do when you import a post or a theme into WordPress.

  • Download the landing page template ( which we covered in step 1)
  • Download the plugin called WordPress importer. Go to your WordPress dashboard, select plugins, add new and search for WordPress importer.
  • Before you upload the file, extract it.
  • Upload using the WordPress Importer

Step 3: Changing Out the Template

Create a page in your beaver Builder theme just like you normally do end at the top of the Beaver Builder toolbar click on templates. Select the template from the drop-down menu that appears. It will be named the template you just imported. then just edit as you normally would and take out the filler content and replace with your own in the beaver Builder landing page template.

Why Use Beaver Builder Landing Page Builder?

As you probably know by now Beaver Builder makes editing content very easy. The hardest part of web design isn’t the content but it’s  the design that has people pulling their hair out. I mean how do you choose the colors or the layout. everyone struggles with starting a design from a blank screen it.

That’s why using a beaver Builder landing page template is always better. But if you do decide to make your own landing pages you still want to use Beaver Builder landing page maker because it’s easier. So whether you make them yourself or you buy a template, you just can’t go wrong with the beaver Builder slanding page builder.

Still Wondering whether Beaver Builder can Help. Take a look at this Beaver Builder page builder tutorial or contact us at Sure Fire Web Services to get the help you need with your website design needs.


Buy Beaver Builder and get all of your websites built fast! 

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