Beaver Builder Blog Modules: Are They Worth Using

Beaver Builder Blog modules may not be all that neccesary.

The controversy over using WordPress Native blog and the Beaver Builder theme blog. Hmmm! It’s something every developer debates with himself about. Is Beaver Builder easier to use in this particular instance?¬†Upon first looks, yes, Beaver Builder seems the easier solution.

However, in this video Grant Ambrose shows us how the functionality of the blog can have future limitations when it is built with Beaver Builder rather than the native WordPress blog functionality. He explains this but also adds in a few extra tips, like using Scriptless Social Sharing as a social sharing plugin.

His arguments both for and against the use of Beaver Builder to build out the blog index page are quite interesting, and he suggests that the only reason for using it is so you can change the style of the Blog index page, but you can also do that in the WordPress Native Blog feature as well.


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