3 ways to add a Top Bar to the BeaverBuilder Theme

David Waumsley shows us 3 easy ways to add a fully customizable top bar to the Beaver Builder theme, while giving us the pros and cons of each option. David uses the default options of the Beaver Builder theme, custom PHP snippets, and the plugin Beaver Tunnels To accomplish this task. [youtube id=”RRwyS7syFow”]    

Adding Icons to the Beaver Builder Theme’s Menus (or anywhere really)

Today we have a double feature! In this two part series David Waumsley teaches us how to add social and directional icons to the Beaver Builder Theme’s menus using Font-Awesome Icons, CSS, pseudo elements, and background images. In part one David shows us how to add font-awesome icons to menu items while maintaining good web … Read more

Linking a Light-box Form to a Beaver Builder Button

Didn’t think you could do that? Well, today David Waumsley shows us how using the free plugin Popup Maker along with Beaver Builder Shortcodes. David explains in detail all of the settings that have to be configured to have fully functional, fully customizable Light-box Forms activated by Beaver Builder buttons. [youtube id=”2bZC3tqgbl4″] Want an even … Read more

Background texture overlays in Beaver Builder explained

In this video Robert from Beaver Rocket shows us how to add overlay patterns in front of row backgrounds using custom CSS classes and Beaver Builder’s Layout Settings window. Robert goes over each step in fine detail and shows us a great resource for generating custom CSS background overlays. [youtube id=”Ut3AVGUNqv0″ mode=”normal”] Here are some … Read more